Pierpont Family 2014

My last name, Pierpont, is French and should not be confused with Pierpoint, Piedmont, or Peterpoint, all of which I’ve answered to at one time or another. My wife Carolyn and I have one daughter, seven sons and two lovely daughters-in-law. I have been the pastor of Higgins Lake Baptist Church, Higgins Lake, Michigan since February 2003.

I like to run, bike, hike and weight lift, but most of all I enjoy spending time with my family. Carolyn has homeschooled our children from the start. She also shares her photos of life in northern Michigan.

I grew up in a pastor’s family and have been a pastor myself for many years. I also have a diverse background which includes, working at a dry cleaner, lawn mowing, camping ministry, doughnut making, cake baking, insulation installing, roofing, painting, computer systems management, insurance rating and coding, website development, and service as a U.S. Marine and as a Deputy Sheriff (whew!) — but not necessarily in that order.

I share here on the website sermon audio, quotes, pointers to helpful information for your family and the church, books I’m reading or recommending, or not, and more. All this I hope will be a help and encouragement to you in your walk with Christ.

You can catch me on Google+ or Twitter.