After the Passion of the Christ

This Wednesday a movie will begin showing in theaters that has received unprecedented coverage and criticism. Many will gather to see The Passion of the Christ. Some think this movie will draw many to trust in Christ. Some think the film is religious fanaticism. Unfortunately many will be moved by it but will not be moved by the movie to accept Christ. There will be those who could care less but will see the movie because of all the media attention. There will be many, after seeing the film who will still be unaware of their need for the salvation that Christ offers. There will be many who are unmoved by the gospel presentation and the horrible death of Jesus Christ.

But there will be those who are moved to seek the truth. For those who will be seeking the truth we should be prepared to share the truth. We should be praying for those who will see this movie that they will be drawn to the truth and that their hearts will be softened to the true Gospel. We should pray that Satan’s attempts to undermine the truth of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection and the precious gift of salvation available because of His sacrifice will fail. Jesus came to take our place for our sins and the sins of everyone who will see the Passion of the Christ.

Will this movie change the world for Christ? I don’t think so. But I do believe this will be an opportunity for you to share the truth with your friend or neighbor after they’ve seen it. And after the excitement over this wonderful new opportunity has passed we must continue to preach and teach and share the true gospel message to a lost and dying world.