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What about you – Will you vote?

Will you voteWe’re a little less than a month from Election day which is November 6th. With that day fast approaching I’d like to encourage you with three things.

First, as Americans, we are privileged to have a vote to cast. And as Christians we are responsible to have Biblically shaped values that help us make God honoring choices about how we vote.Read More »What about you – Will you vote?

Pay Much Closer Attention

God Gets The First Word — Kevin’s North Country Notes

I’ve been reading a book by Eugene Peterson in which he challenges pastors in their praying. And challenged I have been by what he’s written.

Here’s a statement in which Peterson makes the point that one of the things that limits our praying is that we are often more self-conscious than God-conscious. And this is often true of our praying whether we’re a pastor or not.

“We are far more self-conscious than God-conscious and so when we pray, what we are ordinarily conscious of is that we are getting in the first word with God. But our consciousness lies.” (1)

Read More »God Gets The First Word — Kevin’s North Country Notes

Pay Much Closer Attention

Much to Rejoice Over – North Country Notes

We’ve been enjoying a beautiful week here in northern Michigan with things warming up a little more each day. I can hardly wait for some of those seventy and eighty degree days of summer.

Last Sunday was a special day for us as a church family as we celebrated the baptism of the three youngest Pierpont boys. As Josiah was entering the baptistry last Sunday it dawned on me that he was my last child to be baptized. What a sweet privilege to baptize each of my children. I hope you were encouraged to see these three young men express their desire to live for the Lord as they passed through the waters of baptism. Please pray for their continued spiritual growth. And pray also that by their obedience we will be challenged and encouraged afresh in our faith and walk with Christ. We ought never stop growing in our faith. Read More »Much to Rejoice Over – North Country Notes