Pay Much Closer Attention

Truth Seed and Heart Soil

By Kenneth L. Pierpont
(Ken is my favorite older (only older) brother. He contributes reagulary here. For more of his great writing be sure to check out his site.)

Get in your car some evening this week. Get out of town. Let the radio rest in silence for right now. Listen to the sounds of the countryside. Notice the honest smells of soil and living things on the evening air. Turn off the air conditioner and roll down all the windows. Drive slowly down a country road with the cool of evening coming on. Breathe deep and look close. Do you see it? Do you feel it? There is abundance all around you.
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Pay Much Closer Attention

My, Things Sure Are Quiet, Dear

Over the last fifteen years or so we’ve had cable television on and off depending on where we were living at the time. This week we had it disconnected. What a liberating feeling and it’s been a little more peaceful around here lately. As peaceful as things can be with seven children between the ages of eleven and sixteen months.
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